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The Hurricane HQ

Hello, my name is Alex and I am the owner/creator of The Hurricane HQ. Ever since I was five years old, I was intrigued by weather. From the landfall of Hurricane Sandy to the present day, I've been fascinated by meteorology, and now I harness my passion for weather to spread awareness about dangerous weather events in my free time. I also love to learn new things, and someday I hope to become the best meteorologist I can be. If you want to support me, feel free to check out any of my social media outlets using the link below. 

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Sebastian Weather Channel

Ever since my interest in meteorology was rekindled a couple years ago, Sebastian has always been by my side. Not only has Sebastian always been an amazing channel partner, but also a great friend. His intelligence and passion for his own interests makes me confident that regardless of what field he chooses to pursue, he will have great success. I'm grateful for both our channel partnership, and our friendship. If you would like to support Sebastian and his channel, feel free to visit his channel using the link below.

Sebastian's YouTube Channel:

Manny Man The Weather Man

For as long as I've known Manny, he has always been an amazing friend. His friendliness, trustworthiness, and intelligence have all come together to made him a great person, and through shared experiences, both in-person and online, I know he's always had my back. His strong knowledge and passion for meteorology fully convinces me that he will one day achieve great things in this field, regardless of what path he chooses to take. I'm very grateful for our continued friendship, and I hope it continues to prove its longevity. If you'd like to support Manny, please feel free to check out either of his social media platforms which are linked below.

Manny's YouTube Channel:

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Legacy Channel Partners & Honorable Mentions

Future Meteorologist Brie

While no longer a friend of mine, Future Meteorologist Brie was a good friend for almost an entire two years, and during this time knowing her, I've learned that she has not only the passion, but also the drive to work hard and eventually make her dreams of becoming a broadcast meteorologist come true. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know such an amazing person, and I'm confident Brie will have amazing success with all future endeavors she sets out to achieve. If you would like to support Brie's journey towards meteorology, feel free to follow her Twitter account, which is linked below. 

Brie's Twitter:

Liam's Weather

While no longer a channel partner anymore, Liam was a great friend of mine in the past and has left a positive impact on both the channel as well as myself to this day. If anyone could be a model for how a strong passion can lead to great success, it would be Liam. From making green screen videos from his own home to earning an internship at his local news station, Liam is the definition of a success story. I wish Liam great successes in his future endeavors, and hope he achieves all the goals he strives for. If you would like the support Liam and his channel, the link to his YouTube is posted below.

Liam's YouTube Channel: