Weather Forecasts

About This Page: Here is where I'll post all of my latest weather forecasts. Please remember that these forecasts have been created by me and represent what I am predicting. For official forecasts, please refer to the NWS, SPC, WPC, or NHC.

Tropics Outlook

Currently in the North Atlantic there are no tropical cyclones expected to form within the next few days and tropical activity is kept to a minimum. There are currently a few tropical waves located in the MDR although the chance of these topical waves organizing or forming into a tropical cyclone anytime soon looks to be quite low.

Current tropical activity level: Minimal

Severe WX Forecast

Overview: Here is my forecast for today's severe weather and possible tornado outbreak. The orange shaded region is where I believe the greatest risk for all hazards will be while the red shaded area is where I think the highest tornado potential will be.

How has the forecast changed: This is my first forecast for this event.

Posted at 1:46 PM EDT, March 21th, 2022

Snowfall Forecast

Overview: Here is my snowfall forecast for the northeastern US through tomorrow. I'm expecting at least some snow accumulation for most of the northeast and the chance for up to 6 to 9 inches in the dark blue region.

How has the forecast changed: This is my first forecast for this event.

Posted at 8:26 PM EST, February 7th, 2022

Wind Gust Forecast

Overview: Here is my wind gust forecast for today's wind event in Montana. I am still expecting the potential for hurricane force wind gusts (isolated 80+ mph) in the red region even though the risk has slightly decreased, especially in the more northern regions. Isolated wind gusts up to 65+ mph in the orange region.

How has the forecast changed: Since my previous forecast, I pushed the isolated 65+ mph area to the west because the models have begin showing weaker wind gusts in eastern Montana. Along with that, the NWS has expired the High Wind Watch which was previously in effect for most of central and eastern Montana.

Posted at 8:00 AM EST, February 7th, 2022