Atlantic Basin

About This Page: Here are all of the latest maps and data on tropical cyclones in the Atlantic ocean. All of these graphics are auto updating so you will always have the most recent and up to date information. For urgent weather updates, please use official information from the NHC at or the NWS at

5 Day Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Cyclone Favorability Forecast

Current Atlantic Water Temperatures

Current Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Current Atlantic & US Atmospheric Moisture

Current Atlantic Saharan Dust Forecast

Current Gulf of Mexico Wind Shear

Current Atlantic Geocolor Satellite

Current Atlantic Infrared Satellite

Current Atlantic Water Vapor Satellite

Current Atlantic Sea Surface Temp Anomaly

Current Atlantic Wave Height & Direction

Current Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook

Additional Useful Information

Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale

Beaufort Wind Scale